It's been great weather to get out on the land, so Grade 6 students from Pope John Paul II in Kenora took advantage with a field trip to the trapline. 

Mariah Paypompee said her favourite part was getting a chance to be outside with her friends. 

Tristan Kelly said it was fun to share part of his family's heritage.

"My dad always took me and my brother out on the land to go trapping. So, it's not so much a first experience," he said, whose dad Jason was helping to lead the excursion.

"Now, it's just more fun to do with people," he said, after spending the morning out in the bush.

Tristan's dad, Jason Kelly agreed, saying it was good to see the students off their devices and outdoors enjoying life.

"Absolutely, and it gives them a little bit of an appreciation of how hard things are out there," he added, noting we're surrounded by nature in the district.

Jason Kelly added he was pleased to see students returned, even after they were out in the cold last year, when it was -32 C in the bush.

Teacher Cindy Melenchenko added the excursion was part of the curriculum, underlining the hands-on, experiential learning connected her students with the land, their communities and our northern Ontario heritage.

"It's important for me to give kids these experiences, to get outside, to enjoy being outside and want to be outside, appreciate the historical heritage and aboriginal practices. I think it's very important," she said.