Dryden residents are warned that they may hear more noise than usual. The City of Dryden has started their annual street and sidewalk sweeping process, which will continue throughout the summer.

Due to the amount of sand utilized over the past winter, the city says that sidewalks and streets have more debris than usual. Removal of the debris is necessary to prevent storm water drains from clogging, to keep streets and sidewalks safe as well as to help make the city look as pristine as possible.

Street sweeping will start on arterial roads and the downtown core, before moving into residential areas. Residents can expect abnormal amounts of dust and noise. Public Works wanted to thank the public for their cooperation. If residents have any questions, they are asked to contact the Public Works office at 1-807-223-2367.

The city notes that Public Works is anticipating the arrival of a new street sweeper next month.