“We double and triple in population over the summer, and we want to have the best service we can. So, we’re looking to hire some great people!”

Warmer weather and schools closed for the season make this the ideal time for McDonald’s in Kenora and Dryden’s Hiring Blitz.

“We’re after as many people as we can find because the business demand out here is just unheard of,” says Operation Manager Jonathan Telega.

“Right now, we’re offering a dollar an hour summer bonus- that’s in appreciation for the people that currently work for us. It’s also a great way to boost your income over the summer, especially if you’re not in school.”

Telega notes that this is a great time to work for those who have, and will, spend the rest of their year in the classroom.

McDonald’s in Kenora and Dryden encourage post-secondary education among their employees, so much so that they offer a scholarship program and many other incentives.

“We offer a bonus of an extra 25 cents per hour that you work until you go off to your first year of secondary education. For a lot of people, that’s turning into checks in the thousands.”

As students both past and present can attest, every dollar counts when it’s being put towards education.

“We want people to be successful. We get it that not everyone is going to make McDonald’s their career,” Telega acknowledges. “But we also want to make sure that we’re helping develop and nurture our fellow students as they head off to that next stage in life.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Telega clarifies that many employees do make McDonald’s their career.

“I started with McDonald's when I was 15 years old. Still here 22, 23 years later. So, you can do the math on my age!” Telega jokes. “Who I am today is certainly not who I was when I started, and McDonald's has given me a lot of the skills that lead me not only through success in work but also my personal life.”

Opportunity for advancement is always available, and for new employees, starting out can be an exciting time. Friendships form easily behind the counter, and workplace team building is a priority.

“We all have shared goals around guest satisfaction and team satisfaction,” Telega confirms.“So, it's really a beautiful thing and it's a beautiful place to work. I just really appreciate the time and energy that people get around the love and passion for working in a McDonald's of all places. It's a really great thing.”

Those interested can apply at McDonalds.ca, or scan the QR code on the poster in the restaurant. However, Telega notes that there’s one way to apply that’s above the rest.

“The best thing you can do is come down and ask to speak to the manager. Then we’ll get you set up with an interview as soon as humanly possible.”

Apply today at McDonalds in Kenora and Dryden.