The provincial government is continuing to support research into the impact of humans on freshwater bodies of water in the Kenora riding.

During Question Period at Queen’s Park, Minister of Northern Development and Mines, Energy, Indigenous Affairs and Kenora – Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford, spoke about the importance of a multi-million, multi-year investment into the International Institute for Sustainable Development Experimental Lakes Area, or the IISD-ELA.

“By investing in a partnership with the IISD, we’ve elevated this to a world-class facility. We thank them for their collective efforts. We now have hundreds of students from across Ontario coming there. University students are doing important work there. Students from high school and university will be able to learn about all of the great things that we do in the facility.”

Through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, the province has provided $30,000 to hire an architectural firm to complete designs for the construction of a water science education and training centre. The new centre will allow more high school and university students to participate in a field biology program, as well as new eco-tourism opportunities.

The provincial government has also pledged up to $2 million annually for ongoing freshwater research. The facility will also see investments from the petroleum industry, as researchers continue to study the impact of oil spills on freshwater lakes. Rickford announced the funding at the facility on May 22.

IISD-ELA is the only place on earth where researchers can experiment on over 50 real lakes and watersheds to discover the long-term impact of human activities. For the last 50 years, those lakes and researchers have taught us what causes algal blooms; what acid rain, mercury, dams and oil spills do to fresh water; and much more.

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