Sioux Lookout, Hudson and Frenchman's Head will be part of a new pilot project. The province is looking into supporting energy-efficient wood heat, in areas where natural gas isn't offered.

Queen's Park is also hoping to reduce greenhouse gases. The program is offering incentives for replacing old wood stoves with more efficient furnaces or boilers.

“Ontario is committed to supporting initiatives in northern, rural and Indigenous communities that fight climate change and implement actions under our Climate Change Action Plan. The modern wood heat pilot project in Sioux Lookout is a great example of how Ontario’s carbon market proceeds are being used to help people save on heating costs, create new jobs and support the transition to a low-carbon economy,” said Chris Ballard, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.

“With the Municipality of Sioux Lookout undertaking the development of a Municipal energy plan, we are pleased that we have been selected for the Province’s first Modern Wood Heat Pilot program. Many residents in our community rely heavily on wood heat. Natural gas is not available. The financial incentives surrounding this program will provide residents and commercial businesses the opportunity to reduce energy costs, remove health and safety risks, while also helping to reduce Ontario’s greenhouse emissions,” said Sioux Lookout Mayor Doug Lawrance.

Lawrance is also running for the Liberals in the upcoming provincial election. He's hoping to win the seat for the new riding of Kiiwetinoong.

Area residents are encouraged to contact the municipality's development services department, if they're interested in replacing:

  • an old, uncertified wood stove,
  • a propane or oil furnace and/or
  • boiler with a new CSA/EPA-compliant woodstove,
  • wood pellet stove,
  • modern cordwood or wood pellet heating furnace or boiler

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