Hot off the recent 2021 Election, MP Eric Melillo has been taking some time to tour the region and talk to residents. 

Speaking with Q104, Melillo said “I had the opportunity to visit a few communities this week.  I was in Kingfisher, Muskrat Dam, and Bearskin Lake: a great opportunity to connect with residents of [the] riding and get some feedback ahead of Parliament.  I look forward to connecting with more First Nation and municipal leaders and constituents across the riding in the coming weeks." 

“One of the issues can that I've been hearing everywhere is housing,” said Melillo

Melillo has always been a vocal advocate for the riding’s housing crisis and securing a plan for the housing crisis was a large part of his campaign.

“There's overcrowding and a lack of housing availability in First Nation that needs to be addressed immediately.  But in many small towns, as well, across the area, there is the need for more.  For seniors or young families, those in low-income brackets…across the board.  This issue seems to be impacting everyone in some way so,” he continued.

When asked about how his party plans to help, Melillo said, “That's why our party not only wants to see greater investment in building housing units but also working to make more land available for residential use and providing incentives for developers to build in the north."