A local indigenous creator has found her spotlight on Tik Tok.  

Crystal Harrison Collin is an indigenous woman from Sioux Lookout who has amassed an impressive 11,700 followers and 280,000 likes on her Tik Tok page.  

Harrison Collin likes to post a little bit of everything, from light-hearted comedy sketches to more serious discussions about things such as Truth and Reconciliation.  

Recently, Harrison Collin, alongside 29 other indigenous creators, was selected to take part in the Tik Tok Accelerator program for Indigenous Creators put on by Tik Tok Canada and the Nation Screen Institute.  

The program is to help the selected creators learn skills such as filmmaking, social media growth and social media career management. 

When asked how she found out about the program, she said “I follow Sherry McKay and she is on the faculty. I saw her video and she mentioned this Accelerator program for Indigenous Creators and I decided to look into it and I thought it would make a great opportunity to learn more.”  

Harrison Collin was asked if she thought Tik Tok was a helpful social media platform for people to learn about indigenous issues, she said “I think it is. There are many indigenous content creators who share knowledge about historical events, like for example the Indian Act, the Treaties, the residential school system, as well as the Indian boarding school system in the US.” 

“There were times where cultural appropriation has been called out, and it (Tik Tok) helps to educate the people who appropriate our culture,” she continued.  

As social media becomes a more realistic career path for many people, some have found ways to make a living off of their Tik Tok platforms.  

Harrison Collin was asked if she had an idea of what direction she wanted to pursue with her platform following the program, this is what she had to say “At this time, I am unsure of what direction I would like to take.” 

“I think by being in this program, in learning how to navigate the app and acquiring the new skills and techniques, learning from peers and faculty, [maybe] it will help paint the picture more clearly,” she continued.  

“Right now, it's more of a hobby for me. It's something that I enjoy in my spare time, something I enjoy doing with my teenagers. I haven’t considered making a career out of my platform but it's definitely something I would like to learn more about while in the Accelerator program,” she concluded.  

The program will start today, November 8, 2021, and will be run by a talented faculty including Sherry McKay, a Tik Toker from Winnipeg, along with many other industry professionals.  

During the program, the participants will also get to listen to big Canadian Tik Tok names such as Celina Meyers, Brett Mooswa and Fawn Wood, just to name a few.  

You can learn more about the program by watching the full Kenora Online interview below: