If you didn’t have a calendar, you may think we were only in early September with the current record-breaking temperatures we have been experiencing.  

Over the past few weeks, Kenora has been experiencing temperatures in the low to mid 20’s, weather that we would not expect to see by this time in October, but Environment Canada predicts we will see abnormally warm temperatures continue to the end of October.  

We spoke with Environment Canada Meteorologist Peter Kimbell who explained what we might see “This is very unusual weather we’re getting right now. It won't last, but the temperatures will continue to fall gradually. Not dramatically, but still above normal temperatures.” 

“The probability is that the rest of the month of October may well be a bit on above-average as well,” said Kimbell.  

For reference, on October 12, 2020, the temperature high was 12 degrees and the low was 6 degrees.  

When asked about when we might start to see snow, he said “No snow in the forecast yet, but we know that snow is coming. 14 centimetres on average in October, so the likelihood is there that we will get some snow by the end of the month, but we do not see it in the forecast yet.” 

The weather has certainly changed from this time last year. According to historical data, on October 1, 2020, Kenora faced snow with 0.4 cm falling. Near the end of October of 2020 14.5 cm of snow was recorded. 

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