Things are getting tight at the Dryden & District Museum with a lack of storage space, but a new grant and project for the museum should help ease the burden.

The museum has announced that they have received just over $19,000 from the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, through the Department of Canadian Heritage. The funds will go towards a high-density collections storage project, at a cost of $37,700.

Museum staff say the project will help improve the building’s storage areas to make the most efficient use of space available.

“The Museum collection storage space is currently at 99 per cent capacity,” said Museum and Heritage Coordinator for the City of Dryden, Bethany Waite. “We are looking forward to the completion of the project as it will help improve the preservation of objects currently part of the permanent collection, but also provide space for future artifact donations.”

The museum’s contribution for the project will come from the generous donation of Sverre Berle. Upon his death, Berle left a $59,000 donation to the museum through the sale of his property, to be used for capital improvements in the building.

The Dryden & District Museum also recently released their new 3-year strategic plan, to help guide staff on how to engage the community and preserve Dryden’s ongoing history.

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