Members of Dryden’s DREAM Committee have unveiled a very special dressing room in honour of Mark and Jacob Lugli of Dryden.

DREAM Co-Chair Marnie Oliphant explains that the new room will be named Dressing Room #10, The Lugs Locker Room, in honour of Jacob’s hockey number. A memorial photo has also been placed outside and inside of the room.

“With the passing of Mark and Jacob Lugli, the family chose that in-memoriam donations would go to DREAM. The Lugli’s were so involved with the arena. They played hockey. They were in figure skating. They were reffing.”

Mark Lugli was 54, and he had been serving as the principal of St. Joe's. His son Jacob, 17, had just graduated from Dryden High School, where he was male athlete of the year. The two passed away in a fatal motor vehicle accident in July, 2019.

“So we took all of the proceeds, and we totally redid the dressing room. We’ve added a complete bathroom, toilet, shower, counters, mirrors. New benches, all repainted, all new flooring, everything. It’s now a functioning, large-size, suitable dressing room.”

The room was a previous storage room where girls who played on boys’ teams would dress, but it didn’t include a washroom, benches or much else. Oliphant says providing a new dressing room for girl hockey players was their original fundraising goal.

DREAM also thanked Roger Gould of Solomon’s for donating custom-made brackets for the Dressing Room #10’s new benches, as well as the Lugli family and everyone who donated to the fundraising efforts.

A $200,000 donation to DREAM came from Larry Kurz in December, who recently sold his Dryden home to move closer to his family in Alberta. Kurz is the father of Dryden’s former fire chief, Ken Kurz. Sarah Kurz and her daughter made the donation to DREAM on behalf of her grandfather.

The huge donation brought the DREAM Committee past their goal of $500,000. Oliphant says due to the arena’s shutdown in March, members have been able to replace and install the flooring in Arena #1, and a walking track has been installed.

They were able to raise $325,000 prior to the announcement since 2016. Previous projects have included new automatic sliding glass doors, painting and washroom upgrades and handicap access.

But now, due to COVID-19, Oliphant says DREAM is ‘grasping’ for ways to continue to fundraise.

“We haven’t been able to do any fundraising whatsoever. Because we’re unable to do fundraising now, donations have been limited. We’re grasping for ways to get the momentum going again.”

Community members are able to donate to the Dryden DREAM Committee by making a donation to the City of Dryden, and it’s eligible for a tax receipt. 

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