The Saskatchewan Roughriders will get a chilly welcome at IG Field.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans will need to gear themselves up for temperatures of -10 degrees, feeling more like -20 degrees with the windchill, on Sunday. 

"If you are headed to the game, maybe bundle up a little bit," Alysa Pederson, Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist says. "At around game time you are looking at about 30 km/hour winds from the north northeast."

Winnipeg can expect to get two to five cm of snow throughout most of the day. She says the snow will be clearing up at night.

Pederson cautions drivers to watch for the snow on the road but says temperatures are too cold to melt and create ice.

Winnipeg might be having a windy and cold Sunday, but Pederson says she would rather Sunday's temperatures compared to Monday's temperature drop. She says Sunday is Winnipeg's "transition day" to much colder weather.

"Sunday evening and Sunday night, the cold northwest winds should come in and temperatures should drop," she says."By Monday, you guys will be in for a couple of days of a winter deep freeze."

She says south winds in the middle of next week give Winnipeg a break from the "taste of winter."