Municipal staff in Vermilion Bay have issued a boil water advisory this morning, due to system failure.

Residents are reminded:

  • The water should NOT be used for drinking,
  • making infant formula and juices,
  • cooking,
  • making ice,
  • washing fruits and vegetables, or
  • brushing teeth.

For these purposes:

  • water should be disinfected by boiling or
  • purchased bottled water should be used 
  • Tap water must be brought to a rapid rolling boil for at least 1 minute.
  • only boil as much water in a pot as you can comfortably lift and place the pot on the back burner of the stove to avoid burns.
  • Throw out ice cubes made previously,
  • disinfect the ice cube trays, and
  • make new ice using boiled, cooled water.

Before the boil water advisory is lifted, the municipality must:

  • send two samples for testing,
  • take the two samples at least 24 hours apart and
  • the water samples have to be considered safe for drinking.

Staff at the municipality note the lab used for testing isn't open on weekends.

For more information:

FAQ - How to use water safely during a boil water advisory

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