It was an early Christmas present for the community’s Dryden Recreation Extension and Modification Committee yesterday. Domtar’s Dryden operations presented the DREAM committee with a $10,000 donation to support the committee’s efforts to repair and upgrade the Dryden Memorial Arena.

“We are so pleased to have received this contribution from Domtar’s Dryden Mill,” said Janice Radburn, Co-chair of the DREAM Committee. “This is an enormous project with many phases, so our fund-raising is long-term. Collaboration with community partners such as Domtar, is helping us to make our vision a reality”

The DREAM Committee has been working since 2016 to raise funds towards the repair and upgrade projects, and the initiative has led to the installation of new automatic sliding glass doors in entrance ways, painting, and washroom upgrades which includes improved handicap access.

“We’re so grateful for the ongoing support from all of the businesses and everyone in the community. When there’s improvements going on at the arena, it is coming from the committee’s hard-work and the support of the community,” said Marnie Oliphant, Co-chair of the DREAM Committee.

Oliphant added that the DREAM Committee has now raised roughly $180,000 for the arena. The committee’s next projects include the installation of new flooring throughout the arena, a digital display in the dressing room, the addition of new female dressing rooms, additional parking areas, and a dedicated “Thank You” display.

“Contributing to this important initiative fits with Domtar’s values and core principles of supporting the communities in which we operate,” says Jim Blight, General Manager, of Domtar’s Dryden mill. “We recognize the arena as an important gathering place in our community that fosters volunteerism, health and wellness and we are pleased to be able to support the DREAM committee for these needed improvements”.

“We’re very excited to be able to participate in this imitative. The arena is the hub of our community, and offers us so many opportunities. It represents health, wellness, and volunteerism – and all of these things are so important to Domtar. We’re just happy to participate,” said Dianne Loewen, coordinator for Forest-lands and Public Affairs at Domtar.

The DREAM Committee is a volunteer-based organization that’s supported by a wide-variety of local businesses, volunteers, advisers and more. Donations can be made at any time at City Hall, and you will receive a charitable tax receipt.